Practice Yoga with us


7. min recharging breathing exercise (Danish)

Remove stress and recharge your system with this simple breathing exercise (Ujjai). Learn the basic technique and practice it before an important business meeting, to calm your system or to energise throughout the day.


10. min Family yoga with kids +2 years (danish)

Simple and kids friendly yoga poses and a fun activity for the whole family to connect, play around and to have fun!

40. min Morning Flow with Louise (danish)

Easy morning flow to stretch and awaken your body - end this practice with a short relaxation (Shavasana).


30. min Sun salutations with marco (english)

Warm up and energise your body - and learn the basic Ashtanga sun salutations A & B and finish off with a short meditation. Perfect for a quick practice any time at the day.


30. min Kundalini Yoga with Lila (Danish)

Yoga flow for your back with active breathing and simple dynamic movements. Start this practice with a mantra and finish with a vibrant heart meditation.