We got all the equipment you need: Mat, bolster, belt, block and blanket. If you want to bring your own mat that’s fine with us. We have no dresscode, however we suggest you to wear clothes that’s comfortable to sit and move around in. On cold days it’s always nice if you bring warm socks and a cozy sweater.

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Good morning sunshine yoga

Simple sun salutations and pranayama (breathing exercises) to awaken your body and mind. This is a 30 min. class perfect for beginners and a wonderful way to start your day just before work. We would like to be a part of your new morning routine!

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Kids & family yoga Sundays

13:45 - 14:30 KIDS YOGA (3-5 YEARS + 1 ADULT)
14:45 - 15:30 KIDS YOGA (6-9 YEARS + 1 ADULT)

Bring your mom, dad or grandparent to yoga, feel the present moment and have fun posing like a dog, cobra and all the other animals in yoga. You will share a mat and we got all the equipment you need.

Pregnancy yoga

Feel the connection with your mind, body and baby at our pregnancy yoga class. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on your body: Hormones, ligaments, feelings and thoughts about the life you are making. We want to create a space for you - a space where you can feel present.

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mommy & baby yoga
(8 weeks - 10 months)

Balance your body and gently build up your strength and energy level. Learn new tools and techniques to calm your mind in your new life as a mom. These classes include baby yoga and baby massage to connect with your baby. Your baby can be a part of your yoga practice, sleep next to you on the mat.

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Mindful yin yoga

Stress down with soft stretches and mindful meditations that works restoratively with your body and mind. Yin Yoga focuses on staying in each pose for 2-5 minutes while working with your mind and connective tissues.

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Kundalini Yoga

Send fresh oxygen to your body. Healing Kundalini Yoga has a flow of dynamic and meditative breathing exercises combined with mantras, music and soft physical movements. This class may have a detoxing effect.

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dynamic hatha yoga

Energize your body with Hatha Flow Yoga. Slow dynamic poses working on mastering the feeling and correct alignment in each pose. This is one of the more powerful yoga styles and will help you strengthen your body and mind.


Ashtanga yoga

Dynamic poses that challenges your body and mind. Through a set of postures with full attention to coordinating the breath and movement you'll leave the class feeling pleasantly exerted, calm, and clear minded. All levels are welcome to this energetic class, as modifications are always offered.

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stress relief yoga

Stress Relief Yoga that combines Yan and Yin to heal, release stress and calm the nervous system. Focusing on your senses this class provides a vibration of movement, stillness, aromatherapy and sound. Essential oils are used in this class.

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Mindful flow Yoga

Move with your breath and focus on the movement instead of the poses. Freedom to explore and find the easiest way for you in challenging situations. Both on the mat and in daily life.


power hatha yoga

Build your strength, create more energy and pause your mind. This class is both for beginners and advanced yogis and may make you sweat a little.


vinyasa flow yoga

Energising Flow Yoga with dynamic poses works on mastering the feeling and correct alignment in each pose. All levels can easily participate in this class and we’ll adjust to your needs.