Mommy & Baby Yoga

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Balance your body, gently build up your strength and energy level
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Thursdays 12:00-13:15
We teach both in Danish and English

Mommy & Baby Yoga at Mind And Body Lab (8 weeks - 10 months/ when baby starts crawling)

Learn tools and techniques to calm your mind and balance your body in your new life as a mom. We want to create a safe and intimate space for you and your baby, where you can enjoy the time for yourself and connect with your baby.

Some classes you’ll be able to participate all the time, other classes you’ll perhaps sit and breastfeed, drink tea and do the breathing exercises, meditation and pelvic floor training in an alternative sitting-up-breastfeeding-position. And that’s okay. We’ll provide you with alternatives whenever you need it.

About the class
Soft breathing exercises and meditation to calm your nervous system and customised postnatal yoga poses to regain strength. Gently we’ll be activating your pelvic floor, finding the muscles and building up your strength again.

Mommy and Baby Yoga at Mind And Body Lab includes baby massage at some of our classes.

Your baby can be a part of your yoga practice, sleep next to you on the mat or in the stroller just outside Mind And Body Lab (we are located at street level with a window facade).

Maximum capacity 10 moms + 10 babies.

Benefits of Mommy & Baby Yoga
· Reduces stress
· Balances your hormones
· Releases tensions in your body from carrying your baby
· Increases the connection with your baby

At our Mommy & Baby classes we always set aside time for questions over a cup of tea after the class for those who would like that. It is our experience that engaging with other women, going through the same as you is very valuable.

You don’t need to be an experienced yogi practitioner to join our Mommy & Baby yoga class. We will however always recommend you to listen to your body and never push it too hard.

Join Mommy & Baby Yoga on an ongoing basis - book regular yoga classes too for when daddy or grandmother babysits

You can join Mind And Body Lab’s Mommy & Baby yoga class on an ongoing basis, but first after your 8 weeks postpartum doctors appointment (from when your baby is 8 weeks) and until your baby begins to crawl around (around 10 months).

8 classes for 999 kr
Thursday from 12:00-13:15
We teach both in Danish and English

Your membership is personal and will activate the day you buy it.
This memberships allows you to book regular yoga classes too for when daddy or grandmother babysits.

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