Community Partners

We host events and workshops, sell plants, tea and products in collaboration with our preferred community partners. Want to become a Mind And Body Lab Community Partner or engage in co-labs, workshops and events? Contact

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Tealure is more than just a tea company. It’s organic and beyond fairtrade. At Tealure, they trade directly with the tea farmers eliminating the middlemen and ensuring that the farmers and tea pluckers get a fair price for their tea. Enjoy and buy your Tealure tea at Mind And Body Lab.

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All brands at GOYOGI have a story to tell. GOYOGI’s own story is simple. They are ready to provide you with inspiration and guide you to find high quality, authenticity and fantastic gear for your yoga practice. Find your yoga wear and gear at

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vonHaven specialises in delivering natural and nordic dekorations and flowers to the nordic star restaurants and hotels in Copenhagen. Get your green plants and flowers from vonHaven at Mind And Body Lab.

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the organic club

The Organic Club is an online community and shop at Nordre Frihavnsgade where you can find the finest secondhand wear and carefully selected brands - all with organic and sustainable values. Go sustainable and visit their shop.

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The organic company

The Organic Company leads the way by creating a design business that minimizes the negative impact on our planet, and why they offer products made of 100% organic cotton for customers who want luxurious, sustainable goods of premium quality. Their design philosophy is that a new product must either solve a problem, meet a need or enhance a category.